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Teeth Whitening Services in Dubai at MedDental Clinic

At MedDental Clinic in Dubai, we understand the significance of a radiant smile and offer top-notch teeth whitening services to help you achieve a flawless, sparkling set of teeth. Located in the prime area of Jumeirah Lake Towers, our experienced dentists utilize sophisticated tools and the latest procedures to deliver the best teeth-whitening results. We offer two popular treatments, Zoom and LUMIBRITE, which are safe, effective, and provide remarkable results in minimal time.

Choosing the Right Teeth Whitening Treatment

The choice between Zoom and LUMIBRITE treatments depends on the sensitivity of your gums. Our highly skilled dentists will thoroughly evaluate your gums and teeth before recommending the most suitable treatment. Zoom teeth whitening is a faster procedure but may not be ideal for patients with sensitive gums. On the other hand, LUMIBRITE is a more sophisticated option recommended for those with greater gum sensitivity.

Procedure for LUMIBRITE and Zoom Teeth Whitening in Dubai

Both procedures involve the application of an advanced fluoride gel to protect the enamel. Depending on the treatment chosen, either the Zoom WhiteSpeed blue LED Lamp or the Plasma Lamp for LUMIBRITE is used to activate the gel. These powerful beams effectively remove stains and discoloration, even targeting deep-seated compounds accumulated over time. A fluoride gel is also applied to protect the enamel during the process.

Teeth Whitening at MedDental Clinic

At MedDental Clinic, our expert dentists are committed to providing evidence-based and result-oriented teeth whitening treatments in Dubai. Before the procedure, our dentists will comprehensively evaluate your oral health and medical history to determine the most suitable treatment. We also offer comprehensive verbal hygiene guidance to ensure long-lasting results for our patients. Even individuals with discolored veneers or implants can benefit from our teeth whitening treatments.

Why Choose a Certified Dentist for Teeth Cleaning and Zoom Teeth Whitening in Dubai?

It is essential to seek the expertise of a certified dentist before undergoing teeth whitening or cleaning procedures. Certain complications can arise if professionals do not perform these treatments. At MedDental, our dentists assess various factors such as gum health, sensitivity, cavities, and the condition of existing dental work (crowns, fillings, veneers) to determine if you are an ideal candidate for teeth whitening.

Why Choose MedDental for Teeth Whitening in Dubai?

When you choose MedDental Clinic for teeth whitening, you benefit from our multi-specialty in-house team with extensive experience performing these procedures. We prioritize your comfort throughout the process and adhere to international standards in dental care. Our certified dentists will explain the treatment options after evaluating your gums and teeth. Any residue or debris will be removed from the affected teeth, and if you opt for laser teeth whitening, you can achieve a flawless smile in just thirty minutes. Our dentists will also provide detailed information about the LUMIBRITE and Zoom teeth whitening procedures, addressing any questions or concerns.

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