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Tooth Extraction Dubai

Tooth Extraction

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Dubai

Why operate?

  • The extraction of the wisdom teeth consists of the removal of the third molars of the upper and/or lower jaws located
    at the end of the dentition (angle of the jaw and the tuberosity of the upper maxillary). These teeth must be extracted
    either because they
        • are in the wrong position, impacted (in the bone or/and gum), and that they have been or will be at the origin
          of pain, inflammation or even infections
        • can disrupt the proper alignment of your teeth by lack of place (the indication is often highlighted by the
        • are decayed and can no longer benefit from traditional care.
          • Multiple dental extractions are more often decided because of the state of decay of these teeth that can no longer be treated or because there is an infection.

How does the surgery take place?

  • The surgery can be performed under general anesthesia - in case of simultaneous and/or difficult extractions -, in
    ambulatory (you are only taken to the Day Surgical Center during the day), the teeth are then extracted in one session.
    In that case, a consultation about pre-operative anesthesia is essential.
    For a single extraction, a local anesthesia can usually be proposed in our Clinic.
  • When the teeth are extracted, they are removed with suitable instruments (Extraction forceps)
  • When the teeth are impacted in the bone, the gum must be incised, then the bone must be milled. Sometimes it is
    necessary to cut the tooth before the extraction.
  • The closure is done with the help of resorbable sutures which disappear spontaneously. Their persistence associated
    with a local irritation is an indication for consultation before their removal.
  • The duration of the surgery is variable according to the difficulties, with an average of 15 to 60 minutes.
  • Although this is not systematic, plan a few days of sick leave (2 to 3 days) after an extraction, be it under General or
    Local anesthesia

The post-operative recoveries and care.

  • Bleeding: It is common that a small bleeding persists for a few hours up to a full night following the surgery. The
    treatment consists of applying a sterile pad on the area of the extraction and bite on it as long as the bleeding has not
    stopped. In order not to evacuate the blood clot which has formed in the cell, mouthwash will be prescribed, which
    must be made gently during the first 24 hours and with the cold water.
  • Pain at the level of the surgery areas is more frequent in the lower arch than in the upper one. It often stops with
    painkillers and disappears within a few days. A suitable treatment will be prescribed by your Surgeon as you leave the
    Clinic/Day Surgical Center. Ice cubes wrapped in a linen (not directly on the skin) decrease the swelling and pain.
  • Edema (swelling of the cheeks) is frequent but very variable, especially in teenagers.
  • A limitation of the oral aperture is common for a few

To obtain a scarring in good conditions after the surgery, some precautions must be observed:

  • Food must be soft, lukewarm or cold. Avoid a food too hot, too spicy or too acid, such as orange juice.
  • Despite the edema and pain, a good oral hygiene is essential for wound healing to be done without complication.
    After each meal, the teeth and gums should be cleaned by brushing. Mouthwash are prescribed in addition to the
    brushing. A jet cleaning system can also be used.
  • Smoking must be stopped, alcohol and all the irritants until the end of the wound healing.
  • Plan to apply Ice packs especially during the first 2 days.

What you need to anticipate:

  • Do not take aspirin in the 10 days preceding the surgery.
  • PIn case of any doubt about your treatment, please bring your prescription to your surgeon.
  • Bring your dental X-rays if they are in your possession.
  • Under local anesthesia: it is advisable to have a good breakfast the morning of the surgery.