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Teeth Whitening Dubai

The Dome MedDental Clinic offers a teeth whitening procedure using one of the most advanced dental equipment today: LUMIBRITE. LUMIBRITE is a completely safe, painless, and gentle treatment that effectively whitens teeth in a short period.

LUMIBRITE teeth whitening in Dubai produces fast and visible results

The LUMIBRITE whitening treatment includes an innovative Plasma Lamp Sapphire. It is equipped with a new Power Conversion Technology, which is proven to yield excellent results through its optimum whitening power. LUMIBRITE generates a potent and concentrated light beam, which can quickly and effectively whiten the teeth it targets. The light beam is able to break down hard composites embedded in the teeth’s surface, regardless of the distance between them.

To further speed up the process, a patented whitening gel can be used together with the treatment. The gel contains fluoride, a mineral that prevents dental caries and demineralisation, or the dissolution of the teeth’s surface enamel. In addition, the gel can reduce the time required to complete each session, which usually takes about 30 minutes or even less. Upon careful examination and testing, we have chosen Sapphire Plus to aid our LUMIBRITE treatment, as it is the only light beam technology that can produce remarkable results, as shown by independent studies.

We will help you determine if teeth whitening in Dubai is best for you

We always strive to deliver the best and safest dental treatments and procedures to all our patients. As part of this, we make sure to spend time to sit down with our patients first, so we can understand their dental history. Next, we conduct a thorough examination of their teeth and gums to determine if they are eligible for the whitening treatment. Oral hygiene and lifestyle will also play a part to ensure our patients will only get the best results from the treatment.

The procedure works best with other cosmetic dentistry treatments, such as porcelain veneers and dental implants, because it helps ensure that individuals are able to get the most benefits from these cosmetic procedures. The treatment is also promises significant benefits for individuals who have just finished their orthodontic treatment. When you complete the whitening treatment, our dentist will educate you on the best oral habits to adopt to help you maintain your beautiful, white smile.

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