Endodontic Dentistry (Root Canal Treatment)

Root Canal in JLT, Dubai

A severe infection or other dental issues can affect the pulp inside the tooth. If this remains untreated, a person can experience unbearable pain, bacterial puss, bad breath, gum swelling and several other oral diseases. Root canal treatment can save such a tooth from decay. The dentists at MedDental Clinic offer the best root canal treatment in Dubai for the most affordable prices. We have certified dentists with decades of experience who specialized in endodontic dentistry. 

What is Meant by Root Canal Treatment?

Inside the enamel of every tooth, there is a strong layer which also has soft tissues, called pulp. Several tiny nerves, blood vessels, and tissues are present in the middle of a tooth. If a person gets a bacterial infection, injury, puss, or any other dental problem, the tissues inside the pulp start decomposing which later turn into puss at the root of the tooth.

The root canal treatment can remove this decomposed pulp and clear the inflamed tissues and infection. A certified dentist also cleans the base of the tooth to get rid of bacteria and fills the empty area of root canals. After the complete treatment of the root canal, a filling or crown is placed to increase the strength of the tooth.

The Importance of Root Canal Treatment

  • The success rate of saving damaged tooth is very high if the root canal treatment is performed by an experienced dentist
  • The process is long-lasting, and you can retain the functionality of your tooth for a lifetime
  • Only 1 or 2 visits are enough to get the treatment of root canal in JLT at MedDental Clinic
  • You can easily save your tooth from extraction
  • You can bite, chew, and talk efficiently after the procedure
  • Your natural teeth will remain intact
  • The process is pain-free

Root Canal Recovery

The period of recovery is quite short. Mild discomfort and pain will remain for a few days, but our dentists provide you medications to solve this issue.

Why Choose Us?

  • Best Team of Experienced Root Canal Treatment Dentists:

Dr. Maria Aleksashina, Medical Director of our dental clinic, is a very experienced G.P. dentist, who has been changing the smiles of her patients for almost 30 years.

Since the beginning of her career, she has been specialized in Root Canal Treatment, Dentistry specialty also called Endodontics.

Thus, she has hired and heads our multinational team of dentists comprising very experienced and specialized Dentists in Root Canal Treatment.

Every Doctor has got more than 10 years of Experience in this specialty, meaning thousands of patients successfully treated!

  • Use of Microscope:

To offer the best quality of treatment available in the market, he Dome MedDental Clinic has acquired a state-of-the-art Microscope!

In root canal treatment, best practices invest in and use microscope, because in some cases it is impossible to perform treatments properly without image enlargement.
Indeed, a microscope is no longer considered a luxury In the field of Endodontics.
It is a must have instrument!

Only through a microscope, things invisible to a naked eye can be seen like:

  • Small/narrow root canal entrance,
  • “Hidden” canals,
  • Tooth root fractures,
  • Changes due to age,
  • Calcified canals due to a trauma.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need an Endodontist?

At MedDental Clinic, certified endodontists who received specialized training of three years in root canal treatment conduct the procedure.

What is the level of pain pre and post-treatment?

Our dentists will give you anaesthetics, so you will not feel any pain during the procedure. The mild discomfort or pain after the treatment can easily be managed through medications.

How do I know if I need this treatment?

If you are feeling pain for several days, have sensitive gums and teeth, swelling on a specific region of the tooth, you can be a candidate for this treatment.

Can a root canal procedure save my teeth?

Yes, our dentist will remove the inflamed region under the base of your tooth and fill the empty space to seal it properly. You can save the tooth and restore its functionality.

What special care does my tooth need after this procedure?

It is better to avoid biting and chewing from the operated area until your dentist restores it completely. Try to maintain optimum hygiene, brush properly, and don’t forget to floss.

What is the root canal treatment cost in Dubai?

The cost can vary just like any other dental treatment because of the severity of the infection and the number of roots to be treated. Come to clinic at JLT and get your diagnosis today.

Patient Reviews


“I had severe pain in one of my teeth and was considering removing it. The Dentists at MedDental suggested I get a root canal done and helped me to save my tooth and reduce the pain at the same time”


“I was putting off getting a root canal done because I thought it was a painful procedure. At MedDental, I was very comfortable and the whole treatment was pain-free”


“I have been looking for an affordable root canal treatment in Dubai, and I finally found it right here at MedDental. The Dentists are skilled, and they work on top of the line equipment. I am extremely satisfied with the work done by them”

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