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Chin Surgery (Genioplasty) Cases

Genioplasty in Dubai - Recontouring of the Chin

The look of your face is directly affected by the shape, structure, and size of your facial features like chin and jaw. If you have a weak jawline, it can make the nostrils excessively protruding and make your lips look thinner while a huge jawbone can make your other facial features look smaller. The facial bones are very influential in defining the equilibrium of your face, as the deformities can produce problems in facial expression. Besides, abnormalities of facial structures can also lead to chewing problems.

Genioplasty is the treatment that helps in correcting the position of your chin and jaws. It is a permanent procedure to preserve facial symmetry while enhancing its appearance. The cosmetic dentists at MedDental clinic have the impeccable expertise to judge your face and determine which type of jawline abscission is the best for you.

What is Genioplasty or Chin Augmentation?

Genioplasty is a surgical procedure for reshaping the chin and jaws to reform the presentation of the jawline along with the face. This abscission is done to rectify the jawbone that is reduced, pushed back, or misaligned. Therefore, it can fix mild to moderating receded chin, squared chin, extremely prominent nose, and post-traumatic defects. The facial harmony is improved for a balanced and attractive face. MedDental clinic in Dubai is the right choice if you are not satisfied with your side profiles and looking for a simple procedure with rapid results.

Types of Genioplasty

  • Sliding Genioplasty: It treats Retrogenia cases in which the jawbone of the patient is pushed back as compared to other facial structures. Sliding Genioplasty usually rectifies jawbones that are excessively enlarged and are placed forward than the whole face.
  • Chin Implants: It retrieves extremely small jawbones, enhances, and pushes the jawbone forward for a finer facial appearance.

The Procedure

It is a surgical procedure that will be performed under general anesthesia. However, it is a day-case treatment and there is no requirement of staying overnight at the clinic. The operation is performed inside your mouth to prevent scars on the front side of your face. The cut is made on the bottom side of the lip to pull it downwards so that the jawbone is properly exposed and a genioplasty procedure is done. The dentist will close the incisions will dissolvable stitches.

Recovery after the Surgery

Although the process is almost without pain, still a few days or weeks will be required for the pain and swelling to completely disappear. Antibiotics and medications will also be prescribed to reduce the chances of any infection. Post-surgery, the following are few tips that will help the patients remove discomfort:

  • To minimize swelling, apply a cold pack on the surgery site for the first few days following abscission 
  • It is good to sleep in an erect and upright position 
  • A jaw garment should be used by the patient at least for 1-week post-surgery 
  • Eat soft foods and use mouth wash for some days with gentle brushing 
  • Do not drive at least for 48 hours after abscission 
  • Allow yourself some rest by taking a week off from work for a speedy recovery

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Frequently Asked Questions

When am I eligible for chin augmentation?

If your jawbone is excessively pushed back and gives your nose a protruding look, or if your jawline is extremely huge and is making the other significant facial features like the eyes appear smaller, then you need chin augmentation.

Will chin augmentation affect my neck?

Chin surgery can make your neck appear slimmer and beautiful. You can have some other facial procedures along with Genioplasty to enhance the neck look.

How much will the chin surgery cost me in Dubai?

The costs for the enhancement or reduction of the chin are quite high but the results stay with the patient for his entire life. It normally depends upon the technique and surgical variations of the procedure. Other factors also contribute to an increase in the price of the treatment like hospitalization fee (in case of overnight stay), blood tests, medication, and so forth. The cost of the procedure may also exceed if the procedure is more complicated.

How much is the healing period after this procedure?

It nearly takes 2-3 weeks for complete recovery. Most of the patients return back to their daily routine in 7-10 days

Can this surgery leave any scars on my face?

The expert surgeons at MedDental Clinic performs the procedure with precision, and make the incisions inside the lip and under the jawline; hence, no scars are visible.

Is the process painful?

Anesthesia is usually used to numb the area; hence making the procedure almost painless. However, you may need some medications post-surgery to avoid any discomfort and some antibiotics to eliminate the chances of any infections.

What should I eat after the procedure?

You should eat softer foods for a few days after surgery and then you can return to a normal diet when you feel you can tolerate it.


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