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Full Mouth Reconstruction

Best Full Mouth Reconstruction Clinic in Dubai

Full Mouth Reconstruction Before
Full Mouth Reconstruction After

What is meant by Full Mouth Reconstruction / Rehabilitation?

A mouth missing all teeth or having most of them damaged definitely affect the overall appearance and shatter the confidence of a person. This condition implies generally the initial placement of several dental implants to replace the non-recoverable teeth or to allow the placement of dentures or bridges. Then, generally, all the teeth need to be treated to restore the full functionality and beauty of the initial mouth and smile. Hence, as the name indicates, full mouth reconstruction/rehabilitation refers to rebuilding and/or replacing all of the teeth in a patient's mouth. 

Dr. Philippe CHANAVAZ:

At Dome MedDental Clinic, you can get the best dental implants. Our Expert Surgeon Dr. Philippe Chanavaz is specialized in the fields of advanced Dental Surgery and Digital Implantology. He is a dedicated Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon who has successfully completed more than 8000 implants – in more than 2 decades - including a single implant as well as a full arch or full mouth reconstruction/rehabilitation/restoration.

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General Anesthesia:

Our Clinic and Dr. Philippe offer any Surgery under General Anesthesia in our contracted Partners Day Surgery Centre/Hospital in Dubai.
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Why Choose Us? Because it is all about A-Team Work!

Because it is all about teamwork!

Full mouth reconstructions usually combine different fields of Dentistry, restorative, and esthetic/cosmetic to improve the health, function, and, as well, beauty of the mouth and smile.

Before After 36 Hours  
Full Mouth Reconstruction Before Case 1 Full Mouth Reconstruction After Case 1 Case 1 Xray
Full Mouth Reconstruction Before Case 2 Full Mouth Reconstruction After Case 2 Case 2 Xray
Full Mouth Reconstruction Before Case 3 Full Mouth Reconstruction After Case 3 Case 3 Xray
Full Mouth Reconstruction Before Case 4 Full Mouth Reconstruction After Case 4 Case 4 Xray

Steps required:

Depending on the condition of each patient, their tailored treatment plan may include all or some of the following steps (1., 2., 4. in any case):

Step 1: An initial thorough examination of your teeth, gums, and overall oral health will be done by one of our G.P. Dentist Expert, to see the extent or whole coverage of the treatment. It will help us determine the procedures that need to be done, the health of your teeth and gums, the length and phases of the treatment, and the overall price of your expected treatment(s).
Unless you can provide a recent Panoramic X-ray, one will be taken to allow a comprehensive assessment of your Oral Health.
If needed – after the initial Panoramic x-ray study -, Root Canal treatments will be proposed prior to the Surgical and  Cosmetic treatments. This would be realized by our Endodontic Experts.

Step 2: If the Dentist confirms the need for a Full Mouth Reconstruction, they will refer you to our Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon-Implantologist, to allow him to decide:

  • If/how many teeth need to be extracted,
  • If immediate implantation (after extraction or not) can be planned,
  • If your bone is strong/fit enough for the implantation. If not, a bone graft could be needed.
  • If any other surgery is needed (Sinus lifting for example).

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Step 3: If the Surgeon detects a need for Orthodontic and/or Periodontic treatment prior to or after their surgery, they will refer you to our Specialist Orthodontics and/or Periodontics.

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Step 4: When the previous steps are completed, our Cosmetic Dentist Expert will take the necessary impressions to prepare the Temporary (if necessary for esthetic reasons, like front teeth) or Final Crowns.

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Time frame:

  • Steps 1. And 2. will normally take less than 3 hours (Same-day Implants)
  • If step 3. Is not needed:
    • the steps 1. to 4. (including the Temporary Crowns only), will take 36 to 48 hours
  • Final Crowns (Ceramic) cannot be placed before 2 to 3 months minimum.

This tailored, hands-on approach is designed so that we could provide the exact treatments necessary for each patient, given their unique needs, expectations, and goals. We understand that each patient is different, and we always work to make sure all unique needs are met with excellence.

These procedures are all aimed at improving the shape and look of each tooth, the general alignment of teeth, their shade of whiteness, and proportion with the gums and facial features of a person.

Our Team

Dr. Maria has built an impeccable reputation by providing exceptional dental health care in a friendly and painless manner for almost 30 years.
She has hired certified and experienced Doctors and heads our multinational team of dentists and oral healthcare experts, to ensure the full success of the Full Mouth Reconstructions/Rehabilitations.

  • 5 out of 8 Doctors have been or still are Professors in their Specialty fields in prestigious Universities like Paris (France), Lyon (France), Harvard (USA), Donetsk (Ukraine).
  • 2 are Ph.D.,
  • 1 has been Chief-Dentist in a Big Clinic (more than 20 Doctors).

Hence the best team in Dubai/UAE comprising:

  • 3 G.P. Root Canal Experts (2 being Cosmetic Dentists Experts),
  • 2 Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons-Implantologists,
  • 1 Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon - Expert in Orthognathic (Jaw) Surgery
  • 1 Specialist Periodontics (Gum diseases Specialist for 30 years), and,
  • 1 Specialist Orthodontics in Dubai (for 25 years) who can,

Restructure the jaw, fix the defects, bond the fractured area, restore the color of gum or tooth, and change the dimension or shape of the teeth as per your requirements.


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