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Titanium posts as permanent tooth replacements. Restores function and aesthetics, completing your confident smile.

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Long-lasting Dental Implants for a Confident Smile

Restore Your Smile and Confidence with Permanent Dental Implants A damaged or missing tooth can significantly impact your appearance and self-assurance. When restoration is impossible, tooth replacement with a dental implant is the fastest and most effective solution. At The Dome MedDental Clinic, we offer the best dental implants performed by our world-class implantologist, Dr. Philippe Chanavaz. Experience and Expertise You Can Trust With over 25 years of experience, our expert implantologist, Dr. Philippe Chanavaz, has completed over 8,000 implants. His impeccable reputation and dedication to exceptional dental healthcare ensure a friendly and painless experience. Dr. Asha Ponnappa, our other skilled implantologist, is also available for consultations. Achieve a Confident Smile with Experienced Implantologists In Dubai, our experienced implantologists, Dr. Philippe and Dr. Asha, specialize in smile makeovers that allow patients to smile confidently and live healthier lives. Understanding Dental Implants Dental implants serve as replacements for missing teeth. If you have a damaged or missing tooth, it can affect your ability to chew, speak, and smile with confidence. A dental implant is a titanium structure securely placed in the jawbone or root of the missing tooth, providing a strong base for crowns, dentures, or bridges. This long-lasting solution is suitable for both the upper and lower jaws.

Benefits of Dental Implants

  • Permanent and ideal solution for missing or extracted teeth
  • Natural-looking results
  • Comfortable and stable
  • Provides long-lasting stability
  • Improves jaw function and prevents gum erosion
  • Enhances your smile
  • It does not affect the taste of food due to minimal plastic coverage

Our Comprehensive Dental Implant Services

At our Dubai clinic, our implantologists offer dedicated dental implant solutions for various cases, including:

  • Unstable dentures
  • Unsuccessful or failing root canals
  • Poorly fitted bridges
  • Replacement of single or multiple teeth
  • Full arch or full mouth reconstruction/rehabilitation/restoration
  • Gum disease treatment

Safe and Advanced Dental Implant Procedure Diagnostic and Implant Placement Preparation: Our state-of-the-art 3D X-ray (CBCT) equipment ensures accurate implant placement and minimal risk. Our investment in advanced technology prioritizes patient safety, minimizing incidents like nerve or bone damage. Our 3D X-ray device complies with recommended radiation levels, reducing exposure by almost 80%.

Choice of World-Class Implants:

We only use the best implant brands for our same implant procedures. Our preferred brand is Straumann from Switzerland, known for its more than 95% success rate.

The Dental Implant Procedure in 4 Steps:

  1. 3D X-ray for accurate diagnosis
  2. Safe drilling and positioning
  3. Precise implant/abutment placement
  4. Crown placement for a seamless appearance

Implant Solutions for Different Cases:

  • Single tooth replacement
  • Full arch or jaw reconstruction
  • Bridge or separate implants and crowns

Exceptional Procedures in Implantology by Dr. Philippe Chanavaz

Dr. Philippe Chanavaz practices innovative implantology procedures that offer numerous advantages, including:

  • Flapless and mini-invasive surgery
  • Short procedure times: 15 minutes for a single implant, 3 hours for full arch reconstruction
  • One-step surgery for immediate and complete implant procedures
  • Success rate of 95%
  • Minimal swelling or discomfort post-procedure

Choose the best dental implants in Dubai. If you’re looking for high-quality dental implants in Dubai, trust our registered implantologists at The Dome MedDental Clinic DMCC. Our use of Roxolid®, a high-performance

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