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Anesthesia for Dental Surgery

Sedation Dentistry: Anesthesia for Dental Surgeries

Every day at MedDental Clinic, we see many patients with varying behaviors and dental needs. In fact, many of them coming for their dental treatments are in extreme pain. Unfortunately, there are lots of dental phobic patients who avoid visiting dentists and rather endure the nuisance of pain. The primary concern regarding dental surgery is the associated pain due to which patients avoid the treatments. Hence, our dentists strive their best to make every appointment as calm and comfortable as possible.

For the patients who avoid dentists, we offer exceptional sedation dentistry techniques to assist them in getting calm, relaxed, and comfortable during their dental procedures. Anesthesia is one of the best ways we use in invasive dental procedures to decrease pain as much as possible for dental surgeries like implants, tooth extraction, periodontal procedure, and so on.

When is Anesthesia Used?

Anesthesia is usually required for:

  • Dental phobic patients who require dental care treatment
  • Patients in need of extensive treatments
  • Young children who need necessary treatment

Types of Anesthesia Used at MedDental Clinic Dubai

Our specialist dentists will facilitate you in opting for the type of anesthesia that is most appropriate according to your treatment. In general, your dental issue, anxiety levels, history of allergies, and overall wellbeing will be evaluated before prescribing you the sedation options. The anesthesia types available at MedDental Clinic are:

Local Anesthesia

Local anesthesia is a conscious form of sedation and is administered by injection under the skin on a particular spot where an incision needs to be made. It is normally used in general dentistry procedures like filling where a minor area needs to be numbed.

Inhalation Sedation

When the patient needs more relaxation beyond local anesthesia, Nitrous oxide (also known as laughing gas) is given to them, which is an inhaled anesthesia. The patient remains conscious during the treatment but is sufficient for suppressing pain.

Note: Our surgeons don’t recommend and use laughing gas on our patients, as the efficiency of this anesthesia is questionable. It is often unpredictable, and its effects vary from one adult patient to another.

Oral Sedation in Combination with Local Anesthesia

After injecting the local anesthesia, a patient is sometimes given oral sedative medication through the mouth to help them relax and calm down. It creates a drowsy and relaxed feeling. The dosage of the medication is dependent upon the severity of the anxiety levels, which can have a minimal to moderate sedation.

General Anesthesia

General anesthesia leads the patient into an unconscious state. Through the medication, the patients go into a deep sleep so they can not feel the pain during the treatment. Besides, it enables the dentists to perform complicated and lengthy procedures with accuracy and precision while the patients are unaware of the happenings.

Our Doctors can only use it when required for extensive treatments in our partner hospitals Operation Rooms as the presence of an anesthesiologist is required throughout the whole treatment.

Licensed and Specifically Trained Specialist Dentists

Not every dentist is certified to carry out dental procedures using general anesthesia. However, at MedDental Clinic Dubai, we have licensed surgeons and expert dentists who are specially trained to safely perform dental procedures in the clinical and hospital setting.

Dr. Philippe Chanavaz is one of our Consultants Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons with exceptional skills in Dental Implantology. He performs fast and mini-invasive procedures like teeth extractions using local anesthesia.

Pr Pierre Bouletreau is one of our Consultants Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons with exceptional skills in Orthognathic/Jaw Surgeries, and other particular Face Surgeries as Orbital Decompression.

Dr. Asha Ponnappa is another Specialist Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon who performs teeth extractions and Dental Implantology using local anesthesia to relax the patients.

However, in more difficult or intricate cases, conscious sedation or general anesthesia is offered by our surgeon Dr. Philippe to ensure the patients’ fear and apprehension are relieved and they are more comfortable. For such cases, we have a collaboration with our Dubai Partners’ Hospitals where the surgery is performed. Both Hospitals are located in close vicinity to our Clinic; hence, the patients will not have to go an extra mile for their treatments.


Are there any side effects of dental anesthesia?

In general, anesthesia used for dental procedures is not associated with side effects. At MedDental Clinic in Dubai, our expert dentists use it for several procedures and the side effects are extremely rare.

Is anesthesia safe for all patients?

Sedation dentistry and anesthesia is an effective solution for dental-anxious patients to relieve their anxiety and make them relaxed during the treatment. However, for invasive procedures, it is used for patients of all ages and is completely safe.

For which procedures anesthesia is used?

Anesthesia can be used for any dental treatment ranging from a simple tooth cleaning procedure to the most invasive dental surgery. It is best for people who cannot control their movements during the treatment. Of course, as our Clinic goes beyond Dentistry and offers many other Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeries, General Anesthesia is mandatory for these cases.

How long will the effect of anesthesia remain?

In general, the effect of local anesthesia lasts for 6 to 7 hours approximately. During this time, the patients will not be able to eat or speak properly due to numbness. Dentists recommend the patients rest in these hours and drink plenty of water.


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