Ultra-Light Portable X-Ray Machine

We prioritize delivering exceptional dental care to our clients by utilizing cutting-edge medical equipment.

X-Ray technology in dentistry has existed for decades but the breakthrough has been achieved with the Nano Ray X-Ray system, which has made the diagnosis of the oral structures much quicker and accurate than ever before. Nano Ray (NR-F300) is a moveable and handy dental X-ray system designed for dental diagnosis in pediatric and adult patients. The ergonomic design and lightweight make it a reliable, safe, portable system with greater functionality; hence, making the dental practice effective. This ultra-light x-ray device is capable of generating intra-oral images of anatomical oral structures with precision, clarity, and at a far higher resolution than previously possible. The superior quality of the image is due to the 0.4 mm tube focal spot, which processes the picture much precisely and provides a much wider range. The portable X-ray provides extreme convenience due to its supercapacitor technology. The specialized circuit and micro-computer screen and accurately control the exact amount of radiation pursuant to the exposure time. This pre-programmed exposure time assists dental professionals to perform the operation easily and rapidly. One-handed shooting icons make our portable X-ray a very handy device and comfortable to use. It is a sustainable power efficient system, as even at constant uninterrupted shooting the power efficiency is maintained at 100%. The exclusive capacitor support charging at a rapid pace, as it only takes 10 seconds for complete charging. Due to the unique design and lightweight components, Nano Ray (NR-F300) is the lightest and most convenient portable x-ray system having only 1.64kg of weight. A state-of-the-art device is designed with the most advanced and innovative technology, which makes it a trouble-free machine. The charging structure without battery circumvent explosion and discharging, which eventually prevent complicating necessities for systematic maintenance. For our patients, the Portable X-Ray machine is designed to ensure optimal safety, so you can have stress-free radiation exposure for your dental structure diagnosis. For our patients, they can enjoy the same level of dental treatments anywhere that they receive at the conventional dental clinics, as it has made possible for oral healthcare professionals to deliver safe dentistry to a broad range of patients. The portable X-ray is a reliable, highly-efficient, low-weight, portable, and user-friendly partner for users in mobile dentistry. It is normally used along with our portable Mobile Dental Cart. At the Dome MedDental Clinic DMCC, we can use this outstanding “tool” to provide dental treatments for patients who: • Cannot visit our Clinic, like People of Determination, • Are not treatable under Local sedation but require treatment under General Anesthesia, then preventing the use of our Clinic’s X-rays devices. We are happy to offer treatments to these patients in our partner hospital

utilizing cutting-edge medical equipment.

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