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Sterilization, Hygiene & Dental Tools

Sterilization, Dental Hygienist Tools

Dental Hygienist Tools And Equipment

Again, in our Clinic, Health protection of our patients is paramount!

  • And this protection is mainly assured by a permanently clean environment and perfectly disinfected and sterilized instruments to be used by our Doctors for our patients ‘treatments.
  • At the design stage of the Clinic, Philippe and another French World Famous Expert in Sterilization Christian KEMPF imagined a State-Of-The-Art “Sterilization” Room with an Air Circulation obliging the potentially “contaminated” air to avoid the Clean area where all the instruments come are a first stage of disinfection. The design has been largely applauded by all our patients…after being approved by our Authority!
  • When the design has been completed, the best equipment has been carefully chosen to take care of the 2 necessary steps followed by all the instruments used by our Doctors and Nurses:  Disinfection and, then, Sterilization.
  • The Disinfection process includes one of the best available equipment in the market: the world-known  MIELE Washer-Disinfector G 7891.
    The Miele Washer-Disinfector is designed to clean, rinse and thermally disinfect re-usable equipment.
    High - level disinfection:

    The washer-disinfector cleans items, and in the disinfection program, simultaneously thermally disinfects at 93°C/200°F.
    Areas of effectiveness are  physical removal or thermal inactivation of vegetative bacteria including mycobacteria, fungi, fungal spores and viruses. These catergories include the Mycobacterium tuberculosis and the Enterococcus faecium.
  • The Sterilization process is assured by the Sterilization leader equipment’s (W&H) in the market, including a World-Class Sterilizer called “LISA” and additional equipment.
    All these equipment ensures a complete traceability of the full sterilization process which is assessed during random tests by our Authority (DHA).

Assistina 3x3: Perfect cleaning inside and outside of the chair Instruments (straight)

  • Now our Doctors can concentrate on what is really important: their patients.
  • Indeed, the fully automatic Assistina 3x3 takes over the time-consuming process of preparing e.g. straight and and contra-angle handpieces and turbines for sterilization.

Seal²: A perfect seal in 2 seconds

  • A sterile state is difficult to maintain.
  • It is a condition that lasts only as long as an absolutely resistant and hermetically sealed protective system preserves the sterile object from the environment.
  • Seal² assures this by producing perfect 12 mm seals in just two seconds!

Sterilizer Lisa:

  • Type B water steam sterilizer
  • With Class B automatic cycles, a fast cycle for dental handpieces and integrated traceability, W&H is setting new standards in modern dentistry with the Lisa sterilizer.

LisaSafe label printer:

  • Creating a link to the patient file
  • The LisaSafe label printer is a quick and easy tool for linking the sterilization cycle and dental products used for treatment with the patient file.
  • The label printer is connected to the Lisa “class B” autoclave.
  • Bar code labels are only printed if the sterilization cycle is successfully completed.
  • A Bar code reader is included with the LisaSafe.
  • This enables to scan labels into the patient files.

Multidem: The water demineralizer system

  • The water demineralizer system Multidem supplies top quality demineralized water for generating steam in autoclaves. As a result, it ensures consistent and optimized performance, thereby extending the service life of our sterilizer.
  • Additional spray gun: In addition, Multidem is also equipped with a spray gun. This is ideal for rinsing instruments prior to sterilization.
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