Soft Tissue Diode Laser

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A state-of-the-art and unique handheld innovation in Laser Dentistry that offers great control, power, wavelength, and ergonomics for a wide range of dental treatments. The wireless device, internal battery powered, does not need complicated displaypanel for enabling it to function. It is portable in nature that gives greater mobility to the doctors during the procedure It is an ideal clinical tool for procedures that require contouring or cutting of soft tissues. It is effective for troughing, treating periodontal disease, osseointegration in dental implants, endodontic canals sterilization, apical abscess treatment, gingivectomy surgery, and tooth whitening. As a clinical tool, it provides sufficient and stable outputs; thus, it is a tremendously safe and sound option for dental-phobic patients as well as chronic patients. The pen-style holder with the laser beam gives immense precision, clean, and predictable incisions on the diseased sites while preserving the healthy tissues; hence, the treatments are less invasive. Due to the procedure targeted area, some dental treatments can be done without having the need for local anesthesia. It reduces the chances of tissue damage due to the thermal effect of the laser during surgery because the laser used for the procedure is of wavelength 980nm, which absorbs better in the fluid medium of the tissue. Improved healing time with faster recovery and reduced postoperative discomfort for the patients, as the inflammatory response is minimized. Laser diode chip maximizes efficiency; ensuring decreased swelling and minimal to no bleeding while in surgery and fewer chances of postoperative infection. It also abates the need for pain relievers or antibiotics after the surgery. With high intraoral visibility and auto emission function, the dental experts can easily perform long laser irradiation with reduced finger fatigue; resulting in high-quality outcome with increased patient satisfaction. For our patients, they can enjoy the benefit of convenience with ultra-modern clinical care because additional dental appointments and outside referrals are reduced with Soft tissue laser treatment.

utilizing cutting-edge medical equipment.

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