Planmeca Dental Chair – I Touch Dental Chair

We prioritize delivering exceptional dental care to our clients by utilizing cutting-edge medical equipment.

Our brand-new Chairs offer Superior usability and comfort, and satisfy more than 40000 users around the world! Perfectly compact: Despite being extremely compact in size, they are packed with features and functionalities…including the best options available, as the integrated X-ray on the chair. Wide movement range, allowing better working conditions for our Doctors, hence optimal results: Highest position allows working in a standing position Lowest position for dentist to work in a semi-sitting position Practical upright sitting position The automatic leg rest makes it easy for patients to enter and exit the chair, ensuring a smooth workflow. It also provides excellent patient comfort and is practical for doctor-patient consultations and prosthodontics treatments. Perfect infection control (Leading technology for clean suction tubes/ Always clean water/Infection Control) for our patients health protection! The system automatically dilutes and supplies the cleaning agent Integrated cleaning holder Fast and simple daily routine with intuitive user interface For our patient Comfort and diagnosis accuracy, our chairs are fitted with the Premium Intraoral X-ray Unit, avoiding any movement of the patient to another place in the room or another room!

utilizing cutting-edge medical equipment.

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