OrisDent evo

We prioritize delivering exceptional dental care to our clients by utilizing cutting-edge medical equipment.

Dental Practice Management Software OrisDent evo is a powerful and comprehensive software born in Italy, more than 15 years ago. Its management program is most widely used in Italian Dental Practices, and abroad for a few years as well. The dental practice management software offers a perfect balance between advanced technology and user-friendly interface. Nowadays every dentist needs to efficiently manage all the details of their dental clinic, from the chart to the accounting.The mission of OrisDent evo is to optimize the Practice management and productivitythanks to the innovative functions integrated with IT tools of the latest generation. OrisDent evo can follow the Practice’s Medical Staff everywhere thanks to its integration with a version that allows to view patients’ data and organizer on their smartphones. Choosing OrisDent evo for The Dome MedDental Clinic management meant giving a highly professional and attractive tool to the Practice. Moreover, the software allows the dental clinic to stay in touch with the patients through the on-line booking. Experience the evolution in our Dental Clinic with OrisDent evo!

utilizing cutting-edge medical equipment.

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