Densimoptics Microscope

We prioritize delivering exceptional dental care to our clients by utilizing cutting-edge medical equipment.

The Dome MedDental Clinic has heavily invested in the latest technologies, which obviously include a microscope, mainly used in our Root Canal Treatments (RCT/Endodontics) by our Dentists Experts. Indeed, it is now commonly agreed and recognized that one of the most significant improvement in the dentistry history has been the introduction of the operating microscope (OM). Its main benefits are: Improvement of the clinical performance in numerous treatments, Contribution of the OM in the treatment of difficult RCT cases, due to: Magnification, Appropriate lighting, Adapted ergonomics, Allowing higher accuracy then quality of the treatment during the main phases of RCT, which are: Cleaning, Shaping, Filling Added possibility of a case documentation in the medical file by taking pictures, not only X-rays, Better communication capabilities with patients and Doctors due to the integrated video Another added advantage of our Microscope is its Mobile Floor Stand (on wheels), allowing its easy and fast movement between Dental rooms, avoiding for our patients the hassle of moving chairs or going around different Dental rooms.

utilizing cutting-edge medical equipment.

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