Microscopic Root Canal Treatment Is Changing Patient Experience


The branch of dentistry aimed at treating infections in the root canal system is known as endodontics. While endodontics looks into the treatment of these infections, it also deciphers the cause. Infections can be caused due to a number of reasons such as damage to the teeth, poorly done fillings and tooth decay. When the pulp inside the teeth decays or shows signs of an infection, a root canal treatment becomes necessary. Failure to consult a certified dentist in time can lead to the bacteria multiplying resulting in unbearable pain, bad breath, gum swelling, and other oral diseases.


What is root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment is done to remove the infected pulp of a tooth and reduce inflammation. The treatment aims to eliminate bacteria from the infected root canal, prevent the tooth from being re-infected and preserves the natural tooth. After the infected pulp is removed, the tooth is carefully cleaned and sealed.

Usually, a root canal treatment takes at least 2-3 sittings. Depending on the severity of the infection and the teeth affected, the number of sittings can increase or decrease. Once the root canal treatment is done, a crown or filling is placed to recover and increase the strength of the treated tooth.


How does microscopic root canal treatment differ from a regular root canal?

Microscopic root canal treatment is the most recent method of root canal treatment. It helps in conducting an accurate treatment and is beneficial in a number of ways. Besides allowing dentists in setting up diagnosis and designing an effective treatment plan as per the patient, microscopic root canal treatment also uses coaxial illumination. The light helps locate the exact problem area highlighting even the tiniest details of the tooth.

Using a 25-fold magnification, a microscopic root canal treatment gets really precise, which increases the success rate of the process and gives you long-lasting results. Only through a microscope can you notice hidden canals, narrow root canal entrances, tooth root fractures, changes due to aging and calcified canals developed due to trauma. Another major benefit of this treatment is the reduced risk of a tooth fracture or a tooth fissure. In addition, the amount of healthy tooth structure that has to be removed is also reduced to a minimum.

If you have old root canal fillings that are not functional anymore, those can be removed and refilled with new material using the microscopic root canal treatment. Even root canals with unusual shapes can be cleaned and freshly filled.


Benefits of a root canal treatment

When conducted by a certified dentist, a root canal treatment can retain the functionality of your teeth for a lifetime. Patients can bite, chew and talk efficiently post a root canal procedure. The treatments are also generally pain-free and can be completed in a couple of sittings depending on the severity of each case.


Post root canal treatment

As mentioned previously, root canal treatments are generally pain-free. Patients may experience mild discomfort but that can be treated with medication. It is advised to not chew on hard foods during the recovery phase. It is also best to limit the consumption of sugary food and drinks.


So while microscopic root canal treatment is very effective, it is always best to consult with a team of highly-qualified dentists and especially root canal specialists to get the best treatment possible.


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