Are Dental Implants Really Important?

While most adults start off with a full set of 32 teeth, which include incisors, canines, premolars, and molars, between age 45-65, we start losing them. The most common causes for teeth loss are injury, decay and gum disease (periodontitis).

Injuries due to accidents to the jaw bone or gums become apparent only after a long period, by which time the tooth has already sustained prolonged damage. Decay usually occurs due to unhygienic or negligible oral care leading to cavities. Periodontitis is the attack on the tissue and ligaments of your gums that provide an anchor for your teeth. While teeth play an important role in helping you chew your food, speak clearly and show your smile, they are also important to maintain the structure of your mouth. 


What happens when you have missing teeth?

If you’re missing one or more teeth, this may cause pressure to the other teeth, which may over time move into the place the missing tooth once occupied. Missing teeth can also make space for plaque to build up in places that are hard to clean, which can result in gum infections leading to the loss of more teeth. Another possible problem of a missing tooth is that if it is not replaced, the bone that used to surround it can start to deteriorate and erode. 


What are dental implants?

A popular option to replace damaged or missing teeth, dental implants provide a secure foundation for artificial teeth. A dental implant basically gets fixed in the place of a missing tooth. They can be used instead of bridges and dentures. It can also be fused into the jaws or roots of the dental gap if you’re finding it difficult to chew, talk or smile confidently because of a missing tooth. 

Dental implants are essentially artificial teeth made with titanium parts that can be used to fill a gap. The titanium post is fixed into the bone socket of the missing teeth. Eventually, the jaw bone grows back around the implant, holding it firmly in place. When the implant and bone have bonded, an abutment is fitted to hold the new tooth securely in place and a crown is then attached to the abutment.


Benefits of dental implants

  1. Dental implants are perfect if you're looking for a permanent and ideal procedure to replace extracted or missing teeth.

  2. They look just like natural teeth so no one will know the difference.

  3. Dental implants are very comfortable once fixed in your mouth. They’ll feel just like regular teeth and you can go about your daily life without any oral problems.

  4. They provide stability for a long time and improve jaw functions.

  5. Dental implants also help prevent gum erosion, which would otherwise result in further tooth loss.

  6. Dental implants help you bring back your smile and confidence without affecting your appearance.

  7. Since there is no major plastic coating, you will not find any change in the way food tastes.

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