About us

The meeting, then "Union" 9 years ago of a very experienced Russian Dentist - Dr Maria - and a French (hence the logo flags...) Civil Engineer turned Pilot - Philippe - on a very modern big aircraft in the biggest world international network airline could only lead to the birth of an exceptional Dental Clinic claiming International and Multicultural as well as State-Of-The-Art Technological Environments!

Philippe used his Civil Engineer skills, knowledge and his continuous taste for the latest technologies to fully design one of the most possible functional and modern Clinics in UAE.

This is why very few Clinic can propose the level of equipment offered at "The Dome MedDental Clinic DMCC".

This technology is only dedicated to more accurate and safest diagnostics and treatments for the patients, in particular when planning Implants, along with Ultra-Low-Dose Protocol providing up to 77% less radiation than other current technologies!

But the best technology without the best Professionals (Dentists and Nurses) cannot bring the level and quality of treatment expected from the most demanding patients...or difficult cases!

That is why Dr. Maria brought her almost 25 years’ experience in Dentistry to offer the best expertise in painless, long lasting and esthetical treatments. As the Medical and Managing Director of the Clinic, she also takes the greatest care in the recruitment of very successful, experienced and patients‘ dedicated Doctors and Nurses from many countries of the world.

All this combination of skills, enthusiasm, motivation and permanent trainings for our staff using the State-Of-The-Art Technologies in Dentistry makes The Dome MedDental Clinic DMCC the Reference Dental Clinic for the present and future.

Our Mission

  • We are committed to providing our patients with optimal functional, cosmetic, and preventive care, performed with “tender loving care”. Our purpose is to help our patients keep all of their teeth the rest of their lives whenever possible. Dr. Maria and our staff believe in complete Dentistry, which includes re-engineering the bite when necessary. Providing functional, comfortable, quality, long-lasting, and aesthetic dental care is our goal. We are determined to bring the best of advanced technology in Dentistry to serve our patients at ease and in the safest mode possible.
  • We are committed to ensuring the quality of our dental work. Only the finest dental materials and most advanced dental equipment are used, and every phase of our diagnostic and clinical work is done with the utmost care, skills, and knowledge. We have the best of sterilization technology available in the market. The Laboratories we are working with also understand our liability towards a satisfying patient requirements and leave no stone unturned to bring the best results needed.
  • We are committed to everyone’s safety and protection. All of us are concerned about the risk of exposure to Radiation while taking X – Ray, if it’s not done by proper procedures and equipment involved.
  • We have invested in getting the best of RADIOLOGY equipment having Ideal resolutions and patient dose levels that always comply with the ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable radiation 77% lower than with standard equipment commonly found on the market) principle.
  • Our intelligent and multipurpose X-ray unit provides digital panoramic, cephalometric and 3D imaging as well as 3D photos and 3D model scans.
  • We are committed to comfort of our patients, the setting for our dental office personifying the care and comfort provided to our patients.
  • Relaxing and “Feeling like at home” atmosphere:

Our Clinic is proud to offer:

  • Free Wifi in our waiting rooms
  • Full HD and Smart TV’s in our waiting rooms to allow you to watch the latest hits on YouTube or browse the web
  • Full HD and Smart TV’s over each Dental Unit…particularly useful for your beloved children to forget the purpose of the visit, while looking at a cartoon…
  • Free Tea and Coffee machines for a nicer experience
  • Mobile Chargers Station

Our Vision

  • The mandatory combination of:
    • The best skilled - both humanly and technically - Professionals from all origins , all very happy and proud to work in The Dome MedDental Clinic.
    • The best and safest equipments available in the market – implying a heavy investment.
    • A service oriented and dedicated to our patients’ needs and expectations, with our opening hours from 08:00AM to 10:00PM.
    • The strongest commitment towards the Excellence in all our Dental treatments, can only lead to a rapid and great success.
  • This success will be shared and recognized by more and more patients throughout Dubai and even U.A.E., as already patients are coming from other Emirates!
  • Hence the need for bringing stronger workforce and more State-Of-The-Art equipment to our Clinic until increasing its surface to the level needed in J.L.T. … or elsewhere.
  • When needed, and if the market and the level of recognition and acceptance of our Commitment to Excellence demands it, new locations will be carefully selected and practices created in Dubai or outside!
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