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Superior and Fast Method of Teeth Whitening in Dubai

The teeth whitening procedure we offer uses one of the best equipment in the market: LUMIBRITE. It is a completely painless, safe, and gentle way of whitening teeth, which is why The Dome MedDental Clinic has chosen to use this specific technology.

We offer a fast and effective method for teeth whitening in Dubai

We offer the Lumibrite whitening treatment, which uses the special Plasma Lamp Sapphire. With its new Power Conversion Technology, it is able to yield the best results and produce optimum whitening power. Lumibrite generates a potent beam of light, which whitens the teeth quickly and effectively. It can break down hard composites found on the surface of teeth, regardless of the distance between them.

For faster results, it can be performed with the use of a patented whitening gel. It contains fluoride, which prevents demineralisation of the tooth and occurrence of caries. The gel can also cut down the time needed to complete the procedure, which is usually half an hour or less. We have chosen Sapphire Plus to complement our Lumibrite treatment because it is the only light beam technology capable of producing remarkable results, as independent studies have shown.

Our dentist in Dubai will help you decide if the treatment is ideal for you

Our Dubai clinic always strives to provide the best and safest treatments to all our patients. In line with this, we will first sit down with you to find out your dental history, and to perform a thorough examination of your teeth and gums to know if you are eligible for the whitening treatment. Your oral hygiene and lifestyle will be considered to make sure you will get the best results from the treatment.

The procedure is ideal for patients who are about to undergo other cosmetic dentistry treatments, such as dental implants or porcelain veneers, as it helps ensure that you will get to maximise the benefits of these cosmetic procedures. It is also greatly beneficial for individuals who have just had their braces removed. Once the whitening treatment is completed, our dentist will educate you on the oral habits that can help you maintain your beautiful, white smile.

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Our Whitening is provided with one of the best equipment in the market – LUMIBRITE – which is completely painless, safe and gentle. The whitening is obtained with special Plasma Lamp Sapphire.