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Misaligned teeth are not something that should be taken lightly. If left untreated, it can negatively impact one’s oral health over time. If you want to correct the alignment of your teeth, our experienced orthodontist in Dubai can help you. The Dome MedDental Clinic is proud to introduce Dr. Sabrina, our in-house dental expert who specialises in the field of orthodontics.

Our clinic offers the expertise of a top Dubai orthodontist

Dr. Sabrina aims to produce the best results for each and every patient. She uses her years of experience in the field and vast knowledge of the latest and most effective methods to achieve stunning results. Dr. Sabrina is an expert in Invisalign, Incognito, and Inman Aligners, as well as in traditional ceramic and metal wire brackets.

Invisalign can correct crooked and crowded teeth, as well as those with gaps in between. It uses clear acrylic aligners that are custom-made for each patient. Throughout the treatment, your Dubai orthodontist will adjust and change the aligners depending on your progress. Invisalign is almost crystal clear so it is unlikely that others will notice you are wearing it. Because it is removable, you can eat and drink, as well as brush your teeth and floss, just like you normally do. It is ideal for correcting the front and back teeth, and for teenagers and adults.

Our clinic in Dubai enables patients to enjoy the benefits of having straight teeth

A set of beautiful, straight teeth makes it easier to properly brush and floss, which allows a person to avoid dental plaque, tooth decay, and other oral and gum diseases. Plus, an attractive smile can help increase your self-confidence and improve how you interact with other people.

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